Floor Maintenance in Baku

BG Cleaning Systems Baku provides a broad range of floor maintenance services, including the following:

Floor Stripping/Refinishing

As time goes on, floors tend to demonstrate signs of ageing such as scuffing and discoloured patches.  We utilise the most recent methods to remove the polish from a floor and replace it with a completely new finish.  By taking advantage of our refinishing services, not only will you improve the floor’s look, you’ll also halt in its tracks any further deterioration.


The best way to improve a floor’s appearance is to have it scrubbed and then have premium finish added to it by professionals.   The finish which has been added will, in addition, make the floor less susceptible to scratches and nicks and damage of all sorts as a result of everyday usage by pedestrians and/or industrial activities.


Buffing a floor on a regular schedule eliminates the majority of scratches and scuff marks.  Doing this also allows the floor to keep its luster and brings back part of the original shine by removing dirt and providing polish.  We perform this process as part of routine maintenance or individually in response to a request.

Stone Floor Care

Secure sealing, impregnation, and deep cleaning must be performed to optimally retain the appearance and consistency of natural stone floors.  We offer natural stone floor care services to facilities of all sorts in the Baku area.

Marble/Granite Floor Care

Marble and granite floors are quite costly to install, as a result it only makes sense to preserve your investment by scheduling maintenance at regular intervals.  We offer a service package that protects your marble/granite floors and keeps them in good condition.

Ceramic/Terrazzo Tile Floor Care

We provide a broad assortment of solutions to retain and restore the appearance of ceramic/terrazzo floors.

BG Cleaning Systems Baku is the best source for professional floor maintenance services in Baku and the vicinity.  Call us today for more information about our services.

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