Specialised Cleaning Services in Baku

To make sure that your facility is maintained in top condition and total cleanliness, at times more than just traditional janitorial services may be needed.  BG Cleaning Systems Baku can provide a wide range of responsive cleaning services that can be tailored to fit the specifications of any company.

With almost 20 years experience in the cleaning industry, BG Cleaning Systems has made a name for itself when it comes to being able to efficiently and effectively provide cleaning services at a reasonable price.

Our hard-working staff is fully trained and equipped to offer the specialised cleaning services listed below in Baku:

Hard Floor Maintenance and Care

BG Cleaning Systems Baku provides specialised maintenance services to companies with facilities with hard floors which require cleaning, scrubbing, buffing, stripping, and adding new finish.

Scrubbing and Buffing

To keep a floor from getting covered with small scratches and scuffs, regularly scheduled scrubbing and buffing is essential.  We operate equipment especially designed to protect and shine your floors thereby increasing their lifespan markedly in a fashion that is cost-effective over the long haul.

Stripping and Refinishing

At times, a floor may be in such bad shape that before it can regain its previous state of appearance the old layer of polish must be totally removed.  We offer services designed to enable a new layer of floor polish to be added by stripping away the old finish.

Burnishing and Touch Ups

We are able to refinish a floor completely or just touch-up at spots utilising the latest generation of burnishing devices to revitalize the floor and return its luster and shine.  Regularly scheduled polishing will also serve to reduce wear and tear on a long-term basis.  Whatever you choose, scheduled burnishing or as-needed touch-up exercises, conducting regular maintenance in one form or another on your hard floor is crucial to avoiding unnecessary replacement expenditures in the long run.

Stone Floor Maintenance and Care

Natural stone floors are a pleasure to observe and not cheap to install, making their maintenance critical to protecting your investment in them.  We provide deep cleaning, sealing, and impregnation services to ensure that your stone floor stays in good condition over the years.

Tile Floor Maintenance and Care

If your floors are ceramic or terrazzo tile, we have the experience and the necessary equipment to clean them and make sure they stay looking good for the long term.

Marble/Granite Floor Maintenance and Care

Marble and granite floors display a sense of taste and elegance.  However, should they be damaged the cost to renovate or repair them is likely to be steep.  As a result, to ward against damage in the long term it is recommended to retain BG Cleaning Systems Baku’s expertise in providing floor maintenance and cleaning services on a regular basis.

Carpet Maintenance and Care

Carpets tend to accumulate dirt and dust.  Making sure they are clean requires constant effort.  If you fail to clean and maintain them they can become dirty and unattractive, and suffer increased wear, leading you to have to replace them sooner.  We employ top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure that your carpets both look and feel like they are newly purchased.

BG Cleaning Systems Baku is the area’s premier source when it comes to floor maintenance and cleaning services for this reason –we provide the best and most complete solutions available to restore, protect, and preserve any type of floor.

For more detailed information please see our Floor Maintenance page.

Window Cleaning

We have the equipment and staff to clean any type of glass, including residential and commercial windows as well as office dividers and even mirrors.  Over the years we have kept the windows of numerous facilities shiny and fully transparent.

Keeping your windows clean is crucial when it comes to presenting an appealing appearance to prospective customers, clients who visit your facility, and passersby.  If your company’s windows are not clean, it presents an untidy and disorganized image.  We can assist you in positively portraying the integrity and image of your facility via a range of glass cleaning services.

If you’re looking for an experienced window cleaning company in the Baku area, BG Cleaning Systems Baku is the ideal choice.

Industrial Cleaning

Our detailed familiarity with the industry, coupled with our heavy duty equipment and well-trained staff, allows us to accomplish difficult industrial cleaning tasks other companies attempt to dodge.  We endeavour to maintain the highest standards of quality when getting any facility ready for inhabitation.

General Cleaning

As you might expect, we also provide general cleaning services such as wall/ceiling upkeep, kitchen cleaning (including cupboards, countertops, ovens, etc.), janitorial services for restrooms, and more.  Call or email today to learn to how BG Baku can assist when it comes to getting your facility in optimal condition.

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