Facility Services in Baku

We realise that each facility and company has different policies and stipulations when it comes to cleaning, which drives our personalised approach to determining and satisfying the cleaning needs of each individual client.  Over almost two decades of operating professionally in the cleaning industry, we have gained extensive knowledge when it comes to creating successful cleaning strategies that are in harmony with a client’s budgetary requirements and business operations.

BG Cleaning Systems Baku sticks to exacting quality standards while providing the following types of facility services:

Office Assistance– Our workers are willing and able to run errands for your management staff to allow them to focus on critical administrative functions.

Pantry Services– We are able to stock and maintain an office pantry in accordance with your requirements, additionally, our employees can also serve food and beverages to your office staff enabling them to focus on their core competencies and improve work efficiency.

Messenger Services– We offer messengers specially trained to deliver messages securely and swiftly without compromising the confidentiality of the information being sent.

Waste Cleanup and Disposal – We provide services designed to clean up any waste in your parking lot, lobby, office work areas, or in any other area of your facility.  We can also gather any trash bins in your facility, dump their contents in a designated disposal location, and replace the trash bags in the bins on a regular basis.

Window Washing/Glass Cleaning – We are able to make sure that all of your facility’s glass surfaces are clean –not just the windows.  We accomplish this by utilising high quality cleaning tools and products to keep your mirrors, office partition dividers, windows and other glass surfaces clean.

Landscaping Maintenance – We can water and sustain the health and appearance of both your indoor and outdoor plants.

Custom Services– If any of the facility management and maintenance needs mentioned above apply to your facility, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to work in concert with you to create a personalised solution designed to meet your facility services requirements.

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