Green Cleaning

BG Cleaning Systems (BGCS) Baku believes in providing services that are not harmful to the environment, but still get the job done.  We use equipment and cleaning products of the highest safety standards to make sure that we do not harm the planet or your facility in the process of performing our duties.  We provide individually designed solutions devoted to maintaining a neutral carbon footprint and minimising the amount of any toxic substances used in working with clients that are motivated to help us provide this blueprint of green cleaning.

We are able to offer waste recycling services to make sure that any trash gathered in the vicinity of your facility is used for the benefit of future generations.  In addition, we use water conservation methods when cleaning so that very little water is wasted, as a result lowering your utility expenses and assisting the environment as such practices result in drawing less water from underground aquifers and supplies of public water.

In order to provide cleaning services that are as efficient as possible, GBCS Baku sticks to the primary principles of recycling, re-using, and reduction.  We will converse with you in regard to your existing recycling program in order to see if we can improve its efficacy and discover new methods of reusing existing supplies before they are discarded.

Our main goal is to minimise the presence of any harmful pollutants in your facility and to provide an environment that is both clean and healthful for inhabitants and guests.

We are able to provide individually-designed green cleaning solutions for every type of facility in any industry.

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